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What Does The BIBLE Have to Do With Your Business?
Discover How God’s Word Can Transform The Way You Run Your Small Business!
And maybe you’re realizing that a lot of your stress comes as a result of not knowing 
what God has to say about the activity that you spend most of your day doing—running your business!

It’s tough. It’s confusing. We know. We’ve been there…

The Word on Business is here to help you understand how Biblical principles can be used to re-orient your business in a way that both glorifies God and affords you peace of mind!
How do we do this?
Whether you're looking for awesome community, inspiring resources, or hands-on tools, we have a variety of products designed to help you Biblically optimize your business for maximum success.

Check out our options below to find what best fits your needs!
Inner-Circle Group
Inner-Circle Membership serves small business owners by providing the following three benefits:
  • Inspiration offered through regular business devotionals delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Counsel provided through direct email access to our experts, as well as featured interviews and trainings made available on the membership web site.
  • Community facilitated through our private online membership group where you can engage in encouraging discussions with peers.
Get our new book, 
The Ten Commandments for Business!
Covers the following:
  • Exposition of the Ten Commandments from a small-business perspective. 
  • The blessings that obedience to the commandments brings to your life and your business.
  • The dangers of breaking the commandments and ramifications for your business. 
  •   Includes practical Take Away sections to help break down key points into application that you can start using right away!

“This is very powerful! I enjoyed every word and I can really see this book helping many small business owners. This is very needed. Excellent book!”
Handre De Jongh, Crown Financial Ministries, Vice President, Global Outreach

"The wisdom contained in this book is as timeless as the Bible it is based upon and will provide a path for building a Christian culture in your business in the midst of a secular world. What a blessing to see a business book with an eternal perspective!”
—Jim Doherty, Area Chair, C12 Group

Biblical Business Boot Camp 
Biblical Business Boot Camp is a self-paced, 10-module business development online course designed to help you comprehensively overhaul your business to align it with Biblical principles and maximize its potential.
Covers the following topics:
  • Purpose Redefined
  •   Biblical Growth Strategies
  •   UME Marketing
  •   ELCT Counsel
  •   Cash-Flow, Profit, and Debt
  •   Secret to Free Time
  •   Employee Motivation
  •   Workplace Ministry
  •   Leadership Development
  •   Performance Management
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